The DATA staff and friends are excited about the coming year.  2016 should shape up to be an excellent year to explore ways you can live more and commute less!  Unfortunately, this past year we saw the passing of one of the most visionary, iconic planners of the 21st Century – Mr. Robert Simon.

Reston, the community designed and built by Robert Simon in the late 1960’s, was one of the most forward thinking developments of its time.  Based on a concept of mixed use – weaving commercial, retail and housing into a single, walkable/bikeable , community was a vision that few had at this time of an automobile-centric generation.

Today, Reston is still evolving into a community – and perhaps a future “city” – that exemplifies the idealistic community of work, live, and play all in close proximity.  This concept is a testiment to his vision and long lasting imprint on the Northern Virginia landscape.

Furthermore, the winter months often bring about a certain amount of malaise to our residents and readers – but it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are a lot of opportunities to get outside and have fun during the winter months.  Check out our article on Skating METRO; you do have options!

Ericka’s Corner is back as well, she will tell you more (in English and Spanish) about how you can improve your health while improving your commute.  We are also introducing our readers to the concept of school pools.  If you have children, and don’t know about this concept, please read our article.

In this edition of @livemore we introduce to you a variety of “winter” options to occupy your spare time and allow you to enjoy this time or year to its fullest.  So put your skates, snowshoes or skis on and get out there and have fun!  In closing, you shouldn’t be thinking about being holed up for the winter, you should be out living more and certainly commuting less.

James N. Larsen
Executive Director/CEO
Dulles Area Transportation Association