Utilizing the power of technology and coupling it with the resources of their vast database of carpoolers, the Commuter Connections program has developed and recently released CarpoolNow App, a free way to find in real time a carpool or a rider.

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Commuter Connections program launched CarpoolNow, a carpoolnow-logonew rideshare app that gives commuters in the metropolitan Washington region the ability to carpool on-demand and in real-time, immediately connecting users who are offering a ride with those seeking a ride. It also displays routes, estimates pickup times, and confirms pick-up and drop-off  locations.
Unlike apps such as Uber and Lyft, Commuter Connections’ CarpoolNow is free to use at no cost to the driver or passenger. This effort is the most recent in Commuter Connections 40-year history of saving commuters time and money and helping the region’s environment and economy by reducing the number of commuters that drive alone.

“We are very excited to provide commuters in the D.C. region with the CarPoolNow app, making carpooling more convenient than ever,” said
Nicholas Ramfos, Director of Commuter Connections. “In addition to using the app during regular commuting times, the app could also be helpful for carpooling during WMTA’s SafeTrack and other special or sporting events.”

The CarpoolNow app– developed in consultation with technology solutions company, Media Beef, Inc.– is available for download in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores and soon in BlackBerry World.

After downloading the app, users create or login to their Commuter Connections account to offer a ride or request a ride with other members logged in at or near their location. With a Commuter Connections account, users also have access to Commuter Connections’ network of services such as Guaranteed Ride Home, which provides commuters with a reliable ride home in case of unexpected emergencies.

CONTACT:  Laura Ambrosio: (202) 962-3278; lambrosio@mwcog.org Anne Marie Corbalis: (914) 821-5100; acorbalis@asc-pr.com.