By Maggie Awad

CarFreeAtoZ is a great tool for commuters that was created as part of the Transit Tech Initiative. David Emory, co-founder of Conveyal, describes the tool as “a personalized trip-planning and comparison tool.” While CarFreeAtoZ started here in Arlington, VA, it can be used anywhere to plan your trip, learn how many calories you’ll burn and see your carbon footprint based on the transit choices you make.

Here’s what you can expect when you use CarFreeAtoZ:

“CarFreeAtoZ currently allows for planning trips that combine public transit, walking, biking, and driving. Those modes will continue to be the primary focus, but there are more options that can be shown for them, such as information from additional third-party transportation providers.


Area carpool and vanpool ride-matching services will have enhanced display options, including specific potential matches for a given trip. Users will be alerted when matches are found and will have the option to proceed to the provider’s sign-up page.”

In the past few months, CarFreeAtoZ has also been updated to include Capital Bikeshare as a transit option, an often requested system from the beta feedback. Capital Bikeshare is also a great “last-mile” option for transit trips, greatly expanding the reach of the transit system.

Check out all the latest media coverage of CarFreeAtoZ at Mobility Lab: http://mobilitylab.org/tech/transit-tech-initiative/ .

Maggie is the Marketing Manager for Arlington Trans-portation Partners.