Try it…you’ll like it!  That’s the…er…focus…of DATA’s Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation’s Live More Commute Less: FOCUS! grant which is building a “Believe It!” community of Reston residents, employers, and employees who are interested in using Capital Bikeshare, their own two-wheels (unicycles and tricycles, too!) or even their feet to traverse the “last mile” to the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station.

To encourage biking or walking to Metro,  DATA recently mailed a SmarTrip card and free Capital Bikeshare coupons to select members of the community – now numbering over 250 “believers” enlisted through various events and activities held since July – and invited each recipient to share a selfie taking advantage of their non-SOV (Single Occupant Vehicle) commuting choice.

Commuters submitting photos were entered in a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Bike Lane, a Live More Commute Less Believe It t-shirt, and various logoedbiking-related goodies.

The winner was Jay Paull, who obviously made good use of his SmarTrip card to take transit…encouraging everyone to discover how not driving alone can save time and money, thus giving you more life to live.  Jay’s smiling face is proof positive!  DATA also shared his story on social media.

For more information on upcoming events and contests or to join the “Believe It” community, contact Grant Manager Sarah McGowan at believe-it@datatrans.org.