Let’s face it. To live more by commuting less, you have to focus on the Live More part! This is change that is going to alter more than your commute. That’s why we developed the Live More Challenge. It’s an inspiration to take the time to do something you really want to do. So, if you’ve been putting off that first guitar lesson until you “have more time,” or waiting to try your hand at baking the perfect sourdough loaf, or–you fill in the blank!–the Live More Challenge is your chance to do it.

It’s also the time to try something new in your commute, to take transit or try carpooling, or flextime. Whatever is available to you.

The Live More team is working with employers in the Dulles area to encourage them to sign up for the Challenge, too. When employers sign up, they’re pledging to support your efforts to change your commute so that you can Live More!