Calling all car-and-vanpoolers! What do you do for car care service right now?  Do you search for services from the same place over and over again like most people do?  Are you tired of: (1) Conducting searches on Google and Yelp; (2) Comparing prices by calling each one of them or look for coupons; (3) Making a phone call to book an appointment; and (4) Having to wait in line to pay after receiving service?

Really?  Why is the car care industry stuck with old school philosophy and technology? While these days you can push the button on your phone to order food, hail ride services, buy clothes, tickets and a lot of other services – but not auto services? Not anymore!

KarHappy is here – and on-demand mobile app that fully automates car care servicing with nearby deals, appointment scheduling and automated payments – for services like car washing and oil changes (to begin with).

Service providers also gain an advantage by coming on board with KarHappy.  Service providers get new customers, automated appointment booking, and mobile payments, with no upfront cost to them. KarHappy charges a small percentage of the business booked through the app, making this a marketing tool with one of the best returns on investment for service providers.  KarHappy also plans to automate customer communication and engagement very soon.

Currently, KarHappy is serving the residents of Loudoun County, but plans to expand its geographic service area soon, says Nick Kondoori,
Founder & CEO.  KarHappy is available free to download by users and service providers on the Appstore (Apple), Play Store (Google)
and online via the website www.KarHappy.com.

The goal for KarHappy is to solve all the problems that currently exist in the car care industry and be the preferred choice for both car owners and service providers.  KarHappy envisions future versions of the App being able to diagnose error codes and to retrieve multiple estimates, secure appointments and make payments at the push of a button.  KarHappy times are here to stay!