Fairfax County Libraries Now Check Out Nature Backpacks

Remember when mom told you “It’s a beautiful day, go outside and play”?  Fairfax County’s public library system is doing the same, but one-upping mom by loaning free nature-themed backpacks so kids of all ages can enjoy the outdoors and learn about nature and science. It is a great outside activity for families and groups such as Scouts and other youth organizations.

The 32 backpacks were provided to Fairfax County by the Library of Virginia through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Each backpack contains great resources for exploring your local parks or open spaces near your home.  The contents include:

  • A parking pass that allows the library customer to visit any one of 36 Virginia State Parks at no cost
  •  You can also use the backpacks at one of the Fairfax County parks, always free to  County residents
  • Pocket guides: Edible Wild Plants, Medicinal Plants and Weather
  • Tarp and paracord
  • Big Foot Leave No Trace Ethics Card
  • Port-a-bug field observation container
  • Dip net and magnifying lens
  • Learn & Live outdoor skills card
  • Other nifty things like star charts and activity guides
  • So grab your sense of adventure…and “check it out!”