Reston Community Center (RCC) Seeks Volunteer Drivers for RCC Rides, a transportation program that offers reliable, personalized transportation to Reston adults 55 years and older who cannot drive.

The senior adult population in Northern Virginia is growing at twice the rate of the rest of the population. At the top of the list of emerging needs for older adults is transportation. RCC Rides provides door-to-door rides to help get older adults to important engagements, ranging from RCC’s social and enrichment activities to medical appointments. There are no income-level requirements. Ride services are provided exclusively by volunteer drivers, free of charge, to anyone age 55 or older who resides in Reston Community Center’s Small District 5 boundaries.

RCC Rides will connect local volunteer drivers with older adults and be part of the community’s caring infrastructure that allows people who can’t drive to continue to safely and independently live in their own homes and neighborhoods as they age. It is our hope that this transportation program will enhance their quality of life by providing them access to support services and social programs. It simultaneously helps the friends and families of our non-driving older neighbors by reducing the stress of worrying about getting to essential services and Reston Community Center programs.

Since launching in July 2015, this innovative program has given 1,094 rides to Reston adults 55 years and older who cannot drive. Ride destinations vary but the majority of them are in or around Reston. More than 147 riders and 43 drivers are now a part of the Reston program. RCC continues to seek drivers to help meet the rider needs in Reston.

All volunteer driver applicants undergo a thorough DMV and background check paid for by NV Rides. Once volunteer drivers have been approved, they will learn how to use the easy-to-use web-based scheduling system, RideScheduler, where they will be able to freely choose the appointments that best suit their personal schedule – no minimum number of rides required. Volunteer drivers will also receive a mileage report for their annual tax filings. Interested volunteer drivers can apply immediately by going to www.restoncommunitycenter.com/nv-rides-reston/become-a-driver. For more information about RCC Rides, please contact Ali Clements, RCC Rides Coordinator, at 703-390-6198 or ali.clements@fairfaxcounty.gov, or visit www.restoncommunitycenter.com/RCCrides.