Isn’t Earth Day everyday?  Think about it, without the “mothership” what exactly would we be celebrating–moon day?  Ok, a little tongue-in-cheek motivation for everyone to really think about your personal impact on “mother earth,” every day, not just once a year.

@livemore and the Dulles Area Transportation Association attempt to bring this focus to your everyday lives by educating you on the choices you have that can really make a difference not only in your quality of life, but also on the sustainability of our world habitat.

In this edition of  @livemore, we highlight a number of festivals that are being held in correspondence to the area’s recognition of Earth Day, as well as the fledgling emergence of spring.  We are also highlighting Historic Garden Week – one of the most popular and attended occasions in Virginia; learning more about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) networks; and thinking about where to find your local farmers markets this spring. We are also providing you with some important information on changes that have been recently instituted by VDOT in how they rank and prioritize road construction and improvement projects.

As we all “emerge” from our Snowzilla/winter cocoons, there are many things we can do to prepare for spring and summer – we hope this edition gives you some “food” for thought, and provides some impetus for you to give Mother Earth a hug on her special day (which is everyday) by making one simple change in your life, once a week, that helps our environment.  Take transit, carpool, telework, recycle more, plant a tree, etc.  By doing so, we hope your actions also help you livemore and commute less!

As Always-Best Regards,

James N. Larsen
Executive Director/CEO
Dulles Area Transportation Association