By Janeen Mountz

We all know we should save more money than we do, but it can be difficult since everything seems to cost an arm and a leg these days. It often becomes very evident during the holiday season.  Whether we need to pay down debt, build an emergency fund, or save for retirement, cutting our spending and increasing our savings is key. Consider trying some of these money saving tips, and hopefully you’ll see your savings grow.


Change up your commute

Changing your commute might be a big adjustment, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of driving to work every day, ask your employer about working four, 10-hour days to save money on gas (and score an man-on-metro_large-1“extra day” off work). You could also ask if working from home is a possibility. If these aren’t good options for you, try taking the metro or bus to work, or even consider biking to work. Carpooling is another cheap alternative if you live fairly close to your coworkers or a commuter lot.


Download money saving apps

If you do a little research, you’ll find there really is an app for just about everything. You can find apps that can save you money on groceries, clothes, restaurants, gas prices, hotels, and parking. Here’s a website that lists a bunch of money saving apps: Happy downloading!


Check out Amazon Subscribe and Save

For commonly used goods, like tea and coffee or even diapers, Amazon’s Subscribe and Save function can cut back on the time and money you spend shopping. If you go through a 72-count box of K-Cups every month, you can save $2 per month off your coffee bill by scheduling automatic deliveries of your java through Amazon. With free shipping for
orders over $35 (or free shipping on any amount if you have Amazon Prime) and automatic ordering, this system can be your set it and forget it path to savings. To start saving, visit


Wait before you buy

If you want to buy something expensive, try waiting 24 to 48 hours before buying it. Decide if you really need the item right away or if it’s something that’s not all that important. Think about your financial goals and how buying the item will affect those goals. You might be surprised how “sleeping on it” can affect your decision.


Review your finances

It’s hard to achieve your savings goals if you don’t go over your finances periodically. Try to do a quick review of your accounts once a week and look over your spending habits. If you notice your spending is high in a specific category like eating out for example, then you can aim to eat out less. Also, if you note any of your monthly bills becoming overly expensive, see if you can lower them. Compare pricing on things like insurances, cable services, cell phone providers, and loan rates.

There are many more ways to save money including shopping at outlets or thrift stores, making handmade gifts and DIY household products, and borrowing books from the library, just to name a few. For more money saving ideas, check out and

Depositing your money in a separate savings account or certificate can make saving easier and earn you monthly dividends. Whatever option you choose, Signature FCU can help you make the right choice for your lifestyle. We offer an annual Signature Savings account, Money Market accounts, and several certificate options to help meet your financial goals. Call us at (800) 336.0284, or visit for more information on our products and services.