We’re living in a world that is increasingly driven by technology, and for many, that begins with a smartphone or digital tablet. No longer just a device for making phone calls or sending text messages, electronic devices serve as a hub of daily living for many Americans. With more than two million mobile Apps on the market, many of us are living in a mobile first world. 

In recognition of the importance of easily accessible information for travelers, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority recently launched the official DC Airports App, now available for download through iTunes and Google Play. If your travel plans include Dulles International Airport or Reagan National Airport, this App gives you quick access to information right from your mobile device to plan ahead and make your trip smooth and easy. It’s complete with intuitive features, including the ability to: 

  • Search for flights and receive push notifications to your mobile phone and smart watch on your flight status
  • Save flight details and your preferences for your future travel
  • Book hotels, rental cars and flights 
  • Book package travel bundles for hotel discounts
  • Find information on shopping and dining options at the airport
  • Access U.S. embassy contacts around the world while on travel

And while the DC Airports App is a useful tool for travelers through DC’s airports, the story behind the App is equally as compelling: the App found its start in the Airports Authority’s innovation lab run by the Authority’s IT organization and staffed solely with in-house developers. The Authority’s IT team brought to bear their significant expertise to develop a product that enhances the passengers’ experience.