The distinctive Car2Go fleet of Smart cars in the Washington, DC region is about to get a significant upgrade, in the name of a new fleet of Mercedes Benz models. Car2Go, owned by Daimler AG, which manufactures Mercedes, introduces a fleet of Mercedes crossovers (the GLA) and sedans a (CLA) to the Washington market in early February.

While the two seated Smart cars are perfect for city driving and parking; however some subscribers of the Car2Go service desired vehicles that could carry more people and cargo. As such, the fleet is 
being augmented by these two new lines of Mercedes.
Car2Go is an international car sharing service that provides fleets of cars in major U.S. cities such as New York, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Portland and Columbus. Fees for usage are based on the time you use the vehicle and no monthly fees or rental subscription packages, no 
reservations required, no need to return the car to the 
location where you hopped in.
Car sharing, including Zipcar, is becoming increasingly popular in the US and is now being seen more frequently in suburban areas, like Northern Virginia. Car sharing provides a great alternative to car ownership, particularly for those residents who rely mostly on public transportation for most of their transport needs. In Washington, the Car2Go “home” area, where the vehicles can be picked up and dropped off, currently includes only DC and Arlington. The Car2Go and Zipcar operate about 800 vehicles each in the DC area.