By Ken Reiman

People. Relationships. Heart. You need all three. In fact, according to my six year old son, life is about relationships first and foremost.  How lucky we are to have air conditioned and heated public transportation in the United States of America and safety and security standards to keep our loved ones safe.  We are truly blessed.  Pause and say thanks.

I have lived and worked in countries where public transportation pales in comparison to what we enjoy here.  I have also witnessed public transportation systems in other countries that I wish we could emulate here.  In a global world, a global mindset is necessary, one where we value diversity and are humble enough to learn from one another.  That’s the beauty of the United States and the value we bring to the world.  It starts and ends with the quality of our relationships. Share your strengths with others.

Transportation echoes life.  All of us regardless of nationality, religion, gender or background ride the journey of life.  The stops we get off on may be different, but we are all headed somewhere.  Take a moment to think about the people you encounter and their families next time you ride public transportation.  Say thank you to those heroes that protect you and get us to and from work safe.  Theirs is a noble calling. Honor those servants of humanity.

You’ll never see transportation the same way if you view it in terms of relationships: moving hearts and minds.  Even the goods that are transported fulfil a relational purpose – they mean something to someone.  An added benefit of public transportation: you can cultivate a new relationship, strengthen an existing one, pray, read and even write. Move your heart and mind to recognize all those blessings
in disguise. 

Since you made it this far, let me share with you something personal.  My mother came to the U.S. as a student from Japan and faced a car accident that nearly took her life.  She was in the hospital for a year in a coma like stage.  The doctors said she would not live.   Miraculously, she did, obtained her PhD, and became a Professor of Japanese languages, helping American college students learn to love her mother tongue.  Had that crash ended her life, I nor my son would be alive to share this message with you. Be grateful for life and the people in it.

I am a public servant and an author who has taken public transportation all my life.  I always enjoy a good book.  If you are interested in poetry, foreign languages and children’s books or international affairs, my books are available on my website: www.kenreiman.com.  My memoir comes out this year – a story of overcoming adversity to embrace diversity and fight for justice.  Each of us has a story to tell. Thanks for listening to mine and I can’t wait to hear about yours.  Live more, live well, the world is a better place because you are in it..